Taking Care of Things! – Event Coming Up

co-conception/coordination (w/ Oliver Lerone Schultz)

CareBears. Elisabeth Crary.  2011 – CCby-nc-sa

CareBears. Elisabeth Crary. 2011 – CCby-nc-sa

January 15-18
Taking Care of Things!
Archives – Life-Cycles – Care
organized by Post-Media Lab/CDC and Habits of Living in cooperation with the Stadtarchiv Lüneburg

Venue: Stadtarchiv Lüneburg, Germany
Event Flyer (design by Sina Hurnik)

From the perspective of current theoretical approaches the figure of the archive seems to have lost its central status and its fever. In our medial and cultural set-up new (kinds of) archives seem to crop up everywhere, accelerated by new means of production and distribution. Cultural repertoires are being remixed alongside technological repositories – often giving new life to almost forgotten relics. Ever more things, valuables, processes, projects, constituencies, even movements, need to be taken care of. It is not only cultural and critical theory that is being challenged, but also law, the natural sciences and design, alongside other applied sciences. But what are the complex dynamics and contexts of these new (non-)archives? Do they really make sense? And if so, by and for whom?

To address these questions, ‘Taking Care of Things!’ focuses on the transformation of things – analog and digital – into life-cycles and specific practices of care. This will be done in different thematic groups dealing with topics, like Mesh Media!, Civil Archaeology, Measure Drones, Unearthing the Archive, Translating Ontologies and Extinction in Context.

This workshop will address such fundamental changes in archiving and objects by generating practices and chances to take care of things. That is, we will seek to extend (or sometimes end) the life-cycle of objects not by simply preserving them (this usually guarantees they will be forgotten), but rather through acts that respond, react, and/or reuse. Read More »

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Between Irrelevance and Clue

From Attitude to the inevitable Tool: presentation material on Rethinking Gamification in Lüneburg, Leuphana Inkubator, Center For Digital Cultures. —May 2013

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part three: magic geography

houseboat summit

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betta. read it

We just got published!
This January Adriana Valdez Young and I met in London to start our magazine betta. to investigate urban spaces one question at a time. We finished it right there and then but we got busy and needed someone else to post it to the world. Thank you and here it is.

Enjoy: The New Inquiry and also cross-posted in: South Is South

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News Transformation Agency hit the news

The News Transformation Agency is YKON’s latest project. The agency ran in Helsinki from August 20-26, 2012 as part of the Media Facade Festival, Night of The Arts 2012 and Helsingin Juhlaviikot.

We hosted three workshops and a publishing day in the Lasipalatsi gallery. During those days together with our amazing participants, we turned into a real agency—analyzing and transforming news, scripting futures and publishing them broadly.

Visit our fresh project site for more information and thought provocation, pictures, credits, and of course transformed news: http://www.newstransformationagency.org/

transformative times

the entrance to our pop-up agency

live news show during night of the arts

and here is one of our trailers beautifully stitched together by Ulu Braun

NTA activities were covered by Radio Helsinki, MTV3 and Helsingin Sanomat.

News Transformation Agency—a workshop concept by Ulu Braun & Christina Kral / YKON

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Private Viewing

During the closing night of Is there anything we can do for now?
I showed two micro video screenings. They are so micro you can now watch them by yourself. Send me an email to get the password.

Meanwhile I am working on the extended documentation of my show. Stay tuned..

Essays in Transition 1

Essays in Transition 2

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this season is garbage season

This semester my students were onto some trash and coming Friday they will present their playful design solutions for dirty issues at the Etsy Maker Lab in Berlin.

Curious? DesignThinkingInvite

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Salut Madame Varda

truly infatuated

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News Transformation Agency

Coming Up – a playful media workshop by YKON
During Media Facades Festival Helsinki 2012

What if we could experience daily news in a more personal way – and script a different future while doing so? The News Transformation Agency is a new project by artist group YKON, internationally known for their participatory projects dealing with utopian issues such as micronations and future scenario games. The project approaches the overwhelming aspect of global news as a potential platform for civic action – for local, emotional and transformative standpoints.

The project kicks of as an open workshop, at a temporary, pop-up news office at Lasipalatsi gallery. During the workshop, participants will work with YKON to filter and analyze breaking news, to transform them into ones with local relevance, remixing, visualizing and creating alternate realities. This unique and thought provoking experience will provide a completely new perspective to the world of the news. The news will be broadcast in public space at a live News Show during the Night of the Arts and specially tailored newsreels will appear on urban screens at Lasipalatsi Square and the Culture Tram.

www.newstransformationagency.org [soon]

Against forgetting – our little disclaimer
YKON is a Helsinki-based not-for-profit organization. Its membership consists of artists, designers, game developers and art historians who share a deep interest in current utopian thought and practice. Utopia is seen as a myriad of bottom-up processes and initiatives with a strong Do-It-Yourself (DIY) attitude. Since 2005 YKON has worked on themes such as micronations, social architecture, alternative economies, scenario developments, participatory processes, mapping and game design.

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Midsummer with YKON / a SPACE Residency and Utopian Bingo

This May and June YKON was hosted by the new international residency program Permacultures run by London based arts organization SPACE.
A goal was to map current practical utopias related to London or the UK. For this occasion we developed a new game, called Utopian Bingo. During the public event that was dedicated to midsummer and practical Utopias we launched the game, exhibited some of our latest devices and got steamy in our tent sauna.

Thinking practically & utopian.
The participants of our London premier picked their brains for their top Utopian initiatives within the categories Architecture, Economy, Ecology, Education, Community and Technology

We prepared a range of supporting stations to help our players come up with the best utopian initiaitves. We had a phone joker, the internet station, an oracle, the dart device and a market place for open idea exchange.

The grid. Once the individual players had completed their set of cards, groups were formed and the initiatives were placed strategically onto the battle grid.

That didn’t go without thorough discussion

‘Twas midsummer and half of my colleagues are Finnish – what did you expect the trophy to be?

Battling with ideas for booze and future prospect

The miraculous tent sauna

Celebrating with YKON – Midsummer in London 2012…

Some alternate impressions for the full 360º: http://www.flickr.com/photos/christinakral/sets/72157630213212030/

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